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Hanstholm Elektronik over hele landet

I Hanstholm Elektronik er nærheden til kunderne og de maritime miljøer i Danmarks førende havne helt afgørende. Virksomheden har i dag 5 afdelinger spredt over hele landet, og flere er på vej.

Hanstholm Electronics – in Hanstholm

The port of Hanstholm is booming and faces major expansion in the next few years. It is the largest fishing port in Denmark in terms of fish consumption. One of Hanstholm Electronics’ tasks is servicing the large fleet of local and foreign fishing vessels.


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Hanstholm Electronics – in Esbjerg

The port of Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest port on the North Sea and is growing rapidly. It is the principal service and supply port for the Danish oil and gas industry and is also the European market leader when it comes to managing and discharging wind turbines.


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Hanstholm Electronics – in Skagen

Skagen harbour is Denmark’s largest fishing port. The start of “Stage 3” will significantly expand its capacity. The shipbuilding industry in the port is also expanding its activities significantly.


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Hanstholm Electronics – in Lindø

Lindø Industrial Park is the hub of the shipbuilding industry and maritime industry on Funen. Lindø Industrial Park is facing major expansion in the next few years. Establishing a branch in Lindø makes Hanstholm Electronics an active operator in the maritime environment of Funen.


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Hanstholm Electronics – on Rømø

The port of Rømø is enjoying very positive development. We predict that it will have a major future as a service port for the wind turbine industry etc.


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