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New Rømø branch

Hanstholm Electronics wants to be part of the growth at Rømø Harbour.

Rømø Harbour’s new status as a wind turbine service port contains great potential for Hanstholm Electronics who are opening a new branch there.

Rømø Harbour is in a state of transformation. No longer exclusively a fishing port, the establishment of several companies in the wind turbine sector has paved the way for Rømø Harbour’s future development as an operator in the wind industry. This is the result of activities at the German offshore wind farm, Butendiek, which will be partly serviced from Rømø.  

Hanstholm Electronics wants to be part of the growth, which will characterise the port at Rømø. That is why we are opening a new branch on Rømø. This follows on from the fact that in 2012 Hanstholm Electronics opened a branch in Esbjerg. 

“We already have regular customers in the area, and we can expand cooperation by being closer to them on a day-to-day basis,” says the CEO, Ole Østergaard. “It is also an excellent strategic location if we want to be part of the growth that is going to be an indelible part of Rømø Harbour. For one thing, this growth means that 10-12 crew boats will be based on Rømø. We can now service this fleet and all other ships in Rømø Harbour around the clock."

Hanstholm Electronics is currently one of Denmark’s leading companies in the maritime and electronics sector. Our role as full-line supplier in this field is based on 35 years of experience, high professional standards and a unique flexibility with round-the-clock service 365 days a year, and the posting of staff whenever the task requires it. The large and extremely varied workload provides the company’s employees with wide-ranging experience. Our regular customers include several shipyards in Denmark and Norway, and the skills of our employees are constantly kept up to speed, because they always have to deal with the latest equipment and the latest developments in the field of electricity and electronics for the maritime world.

With a workforce of 85, Hanstholm Electronics is now large enough to allow great flexibility, enabling us always to dispatch a specialist team to tackle a task. This could be an urgent repair, a new construction project or an installation task anywhere in the world.”