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New branch in Skagen

Hanstholm Electronics expands with a new branch in Skagen.

For many years Hanstholm Electronics has been working on projects in Skagen. Now is the time to for the company to have a permanent base in this thriving seaport. Hanstholm Electronics has taken over Skibselektro Skagen, which for many years has been run by Kurt Bengtsen. This is part of the proliferation of Hanstholm Electronics, which has already involved the opening of new branches in Esbjerg and Lindø Industrial Park.

“We have been involved in many excellent projects in Skagen in recent years, particularly in cooperation with the Karstensen Shipyard. Now is the time to reap the benefits inherent in being a permanent presence in a busy port such as Skagen,” says Ole Østergaard, CEO of Hanstholm Electronics.

“Given that we are also taking over a well-run business with a perfect location, it goes without saying that our investment will yield a good return. We are very lucky that Kurt Bengtsen will join us and become part of Hanstholm Electronics. At the same time, he and his employee Jan Hjortsberg are trading places, so Jan will be the day-to-day manager of the Skagen branch.

“That means we can take advantage of the vast local knowledge and network, which Kurt and Jan have developed. Meanwhile, Hanstholm Electronics’ expertise and flexibility will be permanently available in Skagen. Many customers wanted us to establish a permanent base here, and now it’s happened,” says Ole Østergaard.

The previous establishment of new branches in Esbjerg and at Lindø has been nothing but positive. In these cases, Hanstholm Electronics experienced a major inflow of customers immediately after moving there, and in both locations, since the start, the number of employees has increased. Now Hanstholm Electronics employees a staff of 85, tackling projects all over the world.

“Our flexibility is by far our greatest competitive advantage,” says Ole Østergaard. “We are open around the clock, 365 days a year, and we will go wherever a job needs doing, whether it’s Grenå Harbour or Australia,” says Ole Østergaard.

Hanstholm Electronics is currently one of Denmark’s leading companies in the maritime electrical and electronics sector, in the context of new construction, repair and service. The large and extremely varied workload provides the company’s employees with wide-ranging experience. Our regular customers include several shipyards in Denmark and Norway, and the skills of our employees are constantly kept up to speed, because they always have to deal with the latest equipment and the latest developments in the field of electricity and electronics for the maritime world.